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GROW – Support to the Development of Markets and Value Chains in Agriculture in Liberia


Environment and Climate Change, Agriculture, Market Development, Natural Resource Management

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The five-year, Sida-funded M4P programme seeks to contribute to sustainable peace and poverty reduction through inclusive and integrated economic development in Liberia. Its objective is substantially increased incomes and employment opportunities for a large number of poor women, men and youth, created through market development in agriculture. The expected outcome is increased business activities, trade and value addition through increased capacity and competitiveness of smallholder farmers and related micro and small enterprises.

The expected outputs are systemic changes in market systems relevant for smallholder farmers and related micro and small enterprises in terms of

  1. Improved market functions
  2. Improved performance of support services and
  3. Improved business environment.

The programme is implemented by a consortium consisting of Adam Smith International (leading party), SIPU International, MercyCorps and Springfield Centre.