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Hull Street Integrated Housing Project

South Africa

Market Development, Urban Development, Agriculture, Forestry, Natural Resource Management, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The Hull Street project in Kimberley, SPM, was established as a housing association where the beneficiaries themselves participated in the planning and design of the project. The Project aimed to involve the communities in financing housing improvement. The project established saving schemes and provided access to bank loans to community members. Community has been trained in Urban Agriculture, household economy, and Social housing concept. The development of Hull Street project received support from the municipality and local politicians.

The local Agenda 21 approach was promoted and sought to involve all residents in meeting local needs in sustainable ways as well as gender mainstreaming was applied.

The project was administered through Sol Plaatje Housing Company, which was set up with Sida support. The housing Company was an independent, non-profit organization that oversaw community activities, project management, financing and financial management, as well as it sought to give priority to access of housing to female single headed households and disabled people.

The project further allowed for ongoing public participation and ownership of plans as this was the basis for shared responsibility for implementation, capacity building and monitoring.