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Human rights capacity building programme

Peoples Rep of China

Public Administration Reform, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The overall purpose of this project was to strengthen awareness and promote the application of Human Rights in legal faculties of Chinese universities. In a separate component, SIPU International’s role was to strengthen the capacities within the Supreme People's Prosecution Services in the field of international human rights law and management development. The component was defined in a LFA exercise. It resulted in a practically oriented training course in prosecution work. A pilot project was initiated in Huang Pu District in Shanghai in 2003, with the aim of developing a performance management system for the district. Guidelines for Performance Management work were developed and presented at the end of the project. The activities also included seminars in China and study tours to Sweden for officers within the Prosecution Services. The focus of the training component was on Human Rights related issues. The objectives included development of training materials and training of trainers for the Prosecution Training Schools.

The focus of the management development component was on improved routines and capabilities in accordance with international standards for good administration. It consisted of training of middle managers in administrative positions.

The result of the project was that Huang Pu Prosecution District in Shanghai set in place a performance management system that served as a model also for other prosecution Districts in Shanghai. Guidelines from the project have also been used in training for prosecutors at the National Training Institute for the Prosecution services.