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Implementation of a Master Program In Public Management


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Together with the University of Uppsala and the University of Economics and Business at the National University of Vietnam, SIPU developed and implemented a Master Program in Public Management targeting public servants at central and local level in Vietnam. The program provided relevant knowledge in the field of Public Management and aims at contributing to the development of a sustainable Vietnamese administrative culture. The program consisted of 60 credits and ran part time over 24 months.

The program was funded by tuition fees, but recieved initial support from Sida for development activities (not covered by this reference). The following number of students has participated in the program:
– Batch 1 – 35 students (completed)
– Batch 2 – 35 students (completed)
– Batch 3 – 35 students (completed)
– Batch 4 – 70 students (completed) – tuition fees funded by Irish Aid