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Information, Communication and Visibility activities for the EU Delegation in Zambia



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The overall objective (impact) to which this contract contributes is to enhance the knowledge, recognition and visibility of the important role played by the EU and its Member States (MS) as Team Europe in their relation to Zambia. It is to demonstrate the impact of the EU support towards the EU-Zambia partnership in all its dimensions: political, trade and economic, sustainable development, human rights and other major policy areas of common interest.

The specific objectives of this contract are as follows:

  1. To support the EUD in the implementation of ICV activities and events, including the dissemination of informational and promotional materials to enhance the visibility of the European Union,
  2. To increase awareness about the EU-Zambia partnership and the EU results and impact.
  3. To promote Team Europe approach and Global Gateway partnerships.
  4. To build and improve capacities of the staff (EUD and implementing partners) in C&V activities in order to in turn, increase the outreach and response.