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Information Technology Specialist for the Second Land and Real Estate Registration Programme


Environment and Climate Change, Land Administration, Natural Resource Management

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The objective of the Second Land and Real Estate Registration Project for Kyrgyz Republic is to support markets for land and real estate and the more intensive and effective use of land and real estate. The restructuring involves adjustment of the results targets, timeframe, cost estimates, and the description of selected activities of the project. Restructuring is required because: (a) government changes caused implementation delays; (b) the scope for registration of novostroiki and public areas is much smaller than was understood during project design; and (c) the focus of cadastral mapping investments shifted from orthophotomap production to the digitization of cadastral plans. The project, originally designed as a three year project, now requires an additional year. The project development objective remains the same. The only change in the Financing Agreement (FA) is the extension of the closing date by one year and the change in part two (a) of the project description. There is also a revision of the results framework to take into account the delays and revised plans. The project is helping build the enabling environment for dispute resolution and post-conflict restoration. It is improving access to information (including clarity and restoration of records on ownership rights and property boundaries), tenure security, archiving (i.e., strengthening the long term security of records, which is now perceived as a very high priority), training and policy development relevant to dispute resolution, and immovable property transactions.

The IT support component of the SLRERP is intended to create an integrated registration and cadastral IT system and a national land information system and establish a permanent unit within the land and real estate agency. The IT consultant will review the work of the IT working group and provide advice and comments as necessary to ensure that it takes into account international experience, complies with good practice, is consistent with the agreed project design and otherwise meets good quality.

The project includes supervision related to the development and implementation of the Automated Registration System (ARS) and the development of an automated cadastre across the whole territory, the Kyrgyz Land Information System development (KLIS)and its implementation, administration, security, archiving and data integration, dissemination and the development of electronic based services. This includes commentary and advice on the development of electronic services and products via KLIS and technical supervision of the other informatics developments.

The consultant will supervise the development and implementation of the Information Technology support component of the Second Land and Real Estate Registration Project as well as IT aspects of other components.

Upon request of the Team Leader, provide advice through sporadic desk review and comments via email on IT elements and also participate in supervision missions as requested.