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Institutional strengthening of the CDS in land-use planning and community based forest and wildlife management


Environment and Climate Change, Forestry, Natural Resource Management, Natural Resource Management

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CDS-Natural Resources, based in Chimoio (Province of Manica), is one of the three centers for sustainable development in the country, subordinates of MICOA, created by decree 7/2003 of 18 February. This center aims at the promotion of sustainable development of the rural environment. The other two centers focus on urban environment (Nampula) and coastal and marine environment (Xai-xai).

CDS – Natural Resources was recently constructed and started to operate at the end of 2003. Government of Finland and Mozambique are financing the project and the centre. The main activities of the centre include applied investigation, technical assistance, formation, sustainable rural development and the elaboration of land use and natural resources management plans. The centre combines and disseminates information and experiences, develops best practices that have been tested and applied at local level by the centre and by other organizations in Mozambique.