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Land Administration, Natural Resource Management

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A corner stone in a modern land administration system is computerised register data. An interim computerised land administration system was developed at EPLAUA during 2004. The use of the system has been limited due to staff limitations and other priorities. However the last half year new IT staff has been recruited as well as present staff being trained in system development and database management. The system is also now used at the Woredas in Dessie Zuria and Gozamin as well as at Eplaua. Experiences have been gained so that need for further development and expansion of the system has been recognised. It is also envisaged further development of system from ongoing activities. For that reason there is need for development/improvements of the system in two steps as well as on the job training of the staff mentioned in system administration.

The purpose was to:

  • To review and develop existing computerised land administration system Islas to create a simple and cost efficient system.
  • To conduct necessary training and compile documents needed for administration, implementation and development of the system.