References | Africa, south of Sahara

Just Green Transition JGT phase 2

Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, South Africa

Environment and Climate Change, Social Sector Development, Private Sector Development, Justice/Rule of Law, Employment, Natural Resource Management

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Sida in late 2022 procured a consultancy to support Sida in finding synergies between democracy and human rights, environment and climate change, and inclusive economic development – in dialogue with not least private sector actors – within the space what Sida internally labelled a “Just Green Transition” (JGT) in Africa, and in the facilitation and codesigning of the concept Just Green Transition and its possible agenda in sub-Saharan Africa. FCG Sweden was awarded the contract, and the assignment was initiated in December 2022.



Sida has now decided to procure an additional assignment / second phase of the JGT support initiative, with the aim to widen the scope of the support to also include:

(1) a second case study,

(2) an increased use of the reference group and

(3) an increased focus on method development.

The purpose of including a second case study, is to ensure the value of the methodology and intended use of the concept notes in order to be relevant in other contexts and sectors.