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LFA Workshop “Improved Chemicals Management in South Africa”

South Africa

Monitoring and Evaluation, Environment and Climate Change, Agriculture, Forestry, Natural Resource Management, Natural Resource Management

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The Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI) is the driver in efforts to attain a non-toxic environment. The Swedish Chemicals Agency is a supervisory authority under the Ministry of the Environment and responsible for ensuring that companies and the society at large conduct chemicals control in an acceptable manner.

KemI, together with the Department of Labour and the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries in South Africa, needed to set up a plan for a ‘partner driven cooperation’ project in the area of chemicals management. Chemical management goals cover the establishment of appropriate legislation, capacity development within industry, institutes and authorities, training of staff and also strengthening of enforcement systems. The cooperation partners in this project needed to prioritize among these components and find the most urgent components to develop. The purpose of the LFA workshop was to identify these priority areas for cooperation.