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The TPAT is a three year technical assistance project (started in July 2011) to assist the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) in order to:

  • Facilitate the implementation by PWA of the Sector Reform processes.
  • Update water supply, sanitation and water resources management strategies towards more effective infrastructure development, improved service provision, and sustainable resource management.
  • Develop PWA’s capacity for implementation of water supply, sanitation and water resources management strategies, action plans and programs.

The TPAT project is an integral part of the Action Plan for Reform for the water sector in Palestine and only one of several interrelated projects. The Institutional Water Sector Review (2010-11) has given the main direction to the further reform and its related projects like the TPAT (2011-14), the Legislative Review (2011-12) and the Organizational Development (2011-2012) project. The TPAT project is based on the concept of collaboration and partnership between the TPAT team and the PWA. In addition, for those activities that relate to or impact other stakeholder organizations, the following additional specific arrangements have been made:

  • Expanded task teams to include the main stakeholders (inner circle) and
  • A group of other stakeholders are participating in seminars, workshops to discuss draft outputs (outer circle).

During the second and third quarter of 2013, there is a need to provide additional local legal expertise to PWA, who is familiar with the PA legal systems of laws, bylaws and regulations to assist to push the sector reform agenda, in particular by contributing to the drafting of a number of regulations in close collaboration with international TPAT experts and PWA managers and staff.