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Local Self-Government Development


Local Government and Decentralisation, Public Administration Reform, Public Financial Management, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The purpose of this project was to strengthen local government capacity, both in terms of service delivery and administrative responsibilities. SIPU International directed support to the communes and county (Judet) administration of Tighina and Cahul in the form of training for Mayors, Councillors and accountants in budgeting, financial and general management, as well as local economic development. Seminars were also held on organisational relations between the Prefektura and Judet at commune levels, and for the Health/Social, Education, Financial and Administrative Departments. A booklet on financial and general management was developed and distributed to all communes of Moldova. Procurement and installation of PC as well as computer training was carried out.

SIPU International also carried out organisational development support for the so-called Business Information Centres in Tighina and Cahul with the aim of increasing the economic activity in the regions.

At the level of the Academy of Public Administration, a Training of Trainers in Pedagogic and Financial Management was carried out, which resulted in a five-day Financial Management training course for municipalities in Moldova. A training material and teaching manual on municipal financial management was developed by the trainers, supported by the SIPU consultants. The training course included the budgetary system in Moldova, creation of local budgets, budget decision process, execution of local budgets; monitoring and evaluation of the budget execution; and international outlook and processes of governing budgets.