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Local water Resource Management Advisor


Monitoring and Evaluation, Justice/Rule of Law, Water Sector Services, Natural Resource Management

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Significant changes in water availability have taken place in recent years. To address these and future challenges a new Water Law has been enacted. An important task for the new Palestinian water Authority (PWA) is the allocation of the scarce water resources to areas and users. Optimization of water allocation by using some kind of market values and by allowing trade across users and uses is an essential part of water allocation and in practice already happening in Palestine. The PWA is in need of a clear objective, clear criteria and a transparent procedure for preparation of the National Annual Water Allocation plans.

As part of the overall GZ-Emergency Capacity Building Project to the Palestinian Water Authority: Technical, Planning and Advisory Team in the Water and Sanitation Sector (TPAT) a need was identified to support water resource management with a Palestinian advisor to draft regulations and bylaws for water resource allocation. The subject of the regulation would be to guide the very important decisions on allocation of the limited National water resources available for Palestine.

The objectives of the assignment were:

  • Extract international best practices in water allocation
  • Hold workshops with main stakeholders for discussion
  • Prepare a (final) draft regulation / by-law for water resource allocation in Palestine.