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Mid term assessment of support to the Faculty of Law


Monitoring and Evaluation

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Sweden has supported the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FLP) since the year 2000. The Swedish support during the first three years amounted to some MSEK 12. The Department of Law at Umeå University was contracted as a consultant in order to implement the project together with the FLP.

At the end of 2003, Sida decided to enter into a second phase of the project. This five-year cooperation started in December 2003 and came to an end in November 2008. The Swedish contribution amounted to some MSEK 32. Umeå University was contracted as an implementing partner also for this second phase.

A mid term assessment was included in the project plan from the beginning to give guidance on how to continue the project. SIPU International was assigned to carry out this assessment, and a Swedish expert was contracted. The assignment was to:

  • record the development of the project,
  • assess the results of different project activities and to assess the relevance of the different project activities in relation to overall goals of the project
  • provide input and advise whether any modifications should be made for the remaining part of the project. It could have resulted in either intensification prolongation or phase out of the project or parts of the project, or it could have concluded that the original project plans should have remained.
  • give advice on possible areas of priority for the evaluation of the project planned for in 2008 (as envisaged in the specific agreement governing the cooperation)"