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Mid Term Evaluation of the Programme for Agro-Business Induced Growth in the Amhara National Regional State (AgroBIG)


Monitoring and Evaluation, Agriculture, Natural Resource Management

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AgroBIG was a three-year Euro 10.4 million pilot programme (9.3 million Euro Finnish funding) running from December 2012 to December 2015. The programme was implemented in two woredas, Fogera and Mecha, using a value chain approach. The mid-term evaluation was carried out by a team of 3 experts in February – March 2015. 

The objectives of the evaluation were to assess AgroBIG progress, its potential to achieve targets and to make recommendations on corrective measures. Assessment of the programme followed the standard Development Assistance Committee (DAC) evaluation criteria. A mixed method approach was used, combining qualitative and quantitative data. The MTE collected primary qualitative data, supported by secondary quantitative data from the programme and other data providers. Qualitative data collection included key informant interviews, focus group discussions, case studies and physical observation. Analysis involved the review of data to determine common themes. Triangulation and cross checking were applied to develop a logical picture of programme progress, and to check data reliability and validity. To verify data, and gather feedback, a workshop was held in Bahir Dar with key stakeholders. In addition, debriefings were held with the Embassy of Finland in Addis Ababa and with the MFA in Helsinki. Findings and recommendations included specific findings on the implementation methodologies, capacity building, institutional strengthening and funds; as well as consideration of cross-cutting objectives such as gender, environment and human rights. Recommendations were provided for the future, in the short and long term.