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Mid-term Evaluation of the Project “EU Support to Integrated Water Resource Management in Albania” (EUSIWM)


Water Sector Services, Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management, Natural Resource Management

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ADA has been delegated to implement the project “EU Support to Integrated Water Management (EUSIWM)” in Albania by the European Commission. The project is implemented by ADA in the period from February 2018 to January 2022 by an Implementation Unit based in Tirana consisting of 4 full-time staff members. The total project budget is 3,1m EUR, with 1,6m EUR provided by the European Commission and 1,5m EUR provided by the ADC.

The project shall achieve the following outputs or expected results (ER):
– ER1: Legal framework in the field of water management is improved in an inclusive and evidence-based manner and implemented and enforced in line with the EU requirements.
– ER2: River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) are implemented for selected river basins, and in line with EU requirements.
– ER3: Institutional capacity at river basin level to implement Integrated Water Management is enhanced.
– ER4: The budgetary framework and economic analysis of water extraction and water use at basin level is improved in line with water framework directive principles, the tariff structure is reviewed and enforced.

This is the Mid-Term Evaluation of the project.The main objectives of the Mid-term Evaluation are:
1) To confirm relevance in the current context and identify any weaknesses in the project design and to recommend any adjustments;
2) To assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the project and the progress towards the achievements of the objectives (outputs and outcomes);

3) To identify hindering and facilitating factors related to project implementation and lessons learned and recommend any adjustments to the implementation approach to increase project efficiency and effectiveness;
4) To assess the prospects of impact and sustainability of the project, and recommend any measures to enhance these prospects; and
5) To identify the rationale for a possible project extension and make suitable recommendations for amending the project results, activities, methodology, resources, and budget.