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Mid-Term Review of the Country Consolidation and Exit Programme 2016-2020


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The objective of the Mid-Term Review of Danida’s Mozambique Country Consolidation and Exit Programme (MCCEP 2016-2020) was to assess programme performance and progress in relation to the exit strategy and programme as defined in the government agreement signed by Denmark and Mozambique in 2016. The Mozambique Country Consolidation and Exit Programme (MCCEP 2016-2020) was conceived in consequence of Denmark’s decision to phase out the development cooperation with Mozambique. The total budget of MCCEP is DKK 833 million, including an additional grant of DKK 194 million to secure sustainability and safeguard results.

The Mid-Term Review identified and discussed developments in risk factors and context, efficiency and effectiveness in view of providing recommendations for further programme adjustments and reallocation of funding as appropriate. The MTR covered five sub-sectors of the MCCEP, which are:

1) Growth and Employment Programme (GEP)
2) Climate Change and Environment Programme (CCEP),
3) Health and Nutrition Programme Support, Phase V (HN-SPS),
4) Strengthening of Public Financial Management (PFM), and
5) Support to the Justice Sector.