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Mid-term Review of the Swedish Programme Global development cooperation in the area of chemicals


Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management, Natural Resource Management

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The overall aim of the review was to assess the achievements of the objectives and outputs formulated in the programme documents of the Swedish Chemicals Agency's Global Development Cooperation Programme in the area of Chemicals. The review covered the main features and components in the programme, experiences and results of the programme together with the experiences and results already achieved within the work performed in the previous programme.

The assignment for the evaluation team was to provide recommendations on further steps necessary to the different programme partners to consolidate and/or expand the work undertaken by the programme as to ensure achievements of the objectives of the programme. The review would also spelled out recommendations and priorities for continued work and served as a basis to plan the global work in the future, beyond 2012. The review examined the ways forward to further advance global collaboration on chemical management, including resources mobilisation to ensure sustainability of the intended programme results. The review was conceived as a participatory process of knowledge generation that seeks to provide a comprehensive systematisation and results assessment of the program in its total.