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Monitoring and follow‐up of Swedish support to the Quality Infrastructure and Standards Programme‐Uganda


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The Quality Infrastructure and Standards Programme, QUISP, was a five year programme (2010‐2014) with the objective to promote the use of quality infrastructure and standards so as to improve the competitiveness of Uganda’s products, processes and service delivery systems in domestic, regional and international markets. It seeks to develop a market driven, holistic and coordinated framework which supports trade, industry, health, safety, consumer protection and a sustainable environment. The programme was funded by Sweden (main donor), Trade Mark East Africa and the Government of Uganda.

The current framework for standards and quality in Uganda needed to be strengthened as it has weaknesses and does not in all aspects comply with international regulations, agreements and requirements. The Government of Uganda acknowledges that this has constrained the competitiveness of Ugandan products and priority has been given to develop this area in the Trade Policy and National Development Plan. The role of ORGUT was to provide expert advice to the Embassy for monitoring and follow‐up up of the Swedish contribution to QUISP, especially with regards to quality infrastructure and SMCA (Standards, Metrology, Conformity Assessment and Accreditation).