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Monitoring of the Improved Natural resources Development Project (INRDP) – Carbon trading

Sweden, Albania

Market Development, Natural Resource Management, Environment and Climate Change, Forestry, Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management

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One of Sida’s operations objectives in its Policy for Global Development (PGU) is partnership with the business sector. The objective of this consultancy was to solicit interest from the business sector, in particular Vattenfall AB to participate in an Environmental Services Project (ESP) based on the concept of offsetting carbon emission through either (1) assisting small forest users in Albania to sequester carbon on their forests and at the same time improve their rural development and poverty alleviation possibilities or (2) by payment to the User Associations for carbon sequestered. The result of the Natural Resource Development Programme (NRDP) support through the Bio-Carbon Fund could serve as a benchmark both in terms of monitoring procedures and the effects of technical packages implemented under NRDP. The possible interests in participating by corporate sector in Sweden would be an input into the preparation of the ESP project.