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Monitoring of the Water Resources and Irrigation Project (WRIP) in Albania


Water Sector Services, Monitoring and Evaluation, Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resource Management

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In December 2012 Sida decided to contribute a grant of 35 Msek to Water Resources and Irrigation Project (WRIP) in Albania for the period 2012-2016. It is a co-funding with the World Bank and the total budget is estimated to 350Msek. The WRIP will be implemented by Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Administration and Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection jointly. The Project Development Objectives and indicators were to:

  1. Establish the strategic framework to manage water resources at the national level and in the Drin-Buna and Semani River basins through preparation of a National IWRM strategy; preparation of two agreed River Basin Management (RBM) plans for the Drin-Buna and Semani basins; and through establishment of a Water Resources Database.
  2. Improve in a sustainable manner the performance of irrigation systems through percentage compliance with agreed seasonal water distribution schedules; and increase in recovery of O&M costs as percentage of O&M charges invoiced.

Support to capacities for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) will be done, at the national level, by preparing a national policy and strategy for IWRM, drafting a Decree for establishment of RBAs along hydrological boundaries and establishing a Water Resources Database, and, at basin level, by preparing two RBM plans. Training of staff will be undertaken both at national and river basin level. Improving performance of irrigation systems will be done by rehabilitating I&D infrastructure in project sites, improving dam safety, more closely involving LGs in I&D management, outsourcing of I&D management to a private operator in three pilot sites, preparing a National I&D strategy, and contractualizing relationships between stakeholders. Training of stakeholders will be done at national and scheme level.