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Norad FWA – Organisational Assessment of Applicants – Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Call for proposals


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Norad’s partnerships with civil society is followed up by several Norad sections, whereas grant agreements on women’s rights and gender equality issues are primarily manged by Section for Gender Equality. This includes Norad’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) agreement portfolio, with an annual budget up to NOK 140 million. The 2023 SRHR call for proposals is restricted, and only 8 selected civil society organisations are eligible to submit grants proposal. 

Norad has requested FCG Sweden to carry out an organisational assessment of the selected organisations in accordance with RAM standards 1 and 2. FCG Sweden's feedback on these standards will be treated as advice to the Norad case officer responsible for the full appraisal of each application.

Applications should respond to one or more of the following the overarching outcomes:

  • Outcome 1. Women, girls, adolescents, and young people claim rights to bodily autonomy and drive changes in social and gender norms, together with their families and communities.
  • Outcome 2. Health and education systems provide knowledge about and access to comprehensive SRH services
  • Outcome 3. Laws and policies ensuring SRHR promoted and adopted by governments and duty bearers