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Organisational Development at the Ombudsman for Human Rights

El Salvador

Justice/Rule of Law, Public Administration Reform, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The project aimed at developing the institutional capacity within the Ombudsman for Human Rights in El Salvador. The project offered capacity training in different relevant areas in order to improve the efficiency of the institution, and to help them reach their organizational goals. There was a focus on how to keep a close relation with the Salvadorian citizens throughout the whole project.

The project provided training and capacity development within the field of Human Rights, Child Rights, Conflict Management and so forth, as well as within organisational development, management skills and strategic planning for the staff of the organisation. The project was finalised with a training of trainers course which consisted of three modules.

The training was carried out with a participatory methodology combined with written assignments, case studies, and group discussions. Major part of the training was carried out in seminars and forums where the participants could discuss openly with each other and contribute with their experiences.

The project resulted in a strengthened capacity of the personnel of the Ombudsman for Human Rights of El Salvador, as well as in the creation of a three year strategic plan for the institution, which was elaborated in close collaboration with the personnel. There were also 15 certified trainers whom had fulfilled the training of trainers course. At the end of the course they all had developed training packages in order to keep on carry out training within relevant areas of the institution.