References | Africa, south of Sahara

Organisational Review of Action Aid International

Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya

Monitoring and Evaluation, Fund Management

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This assignment was an organisational review of Action Aid International. The review concerned the agreement between ActionAid International and Norad for the project “Combatting Modern Slavery in Ethiopia and Ghana” that was signed 17 December 2020 and implemended from 1 December 2020 to 31 December 2023. Since the Agreement was signed, ActionAid International had been through a major restructuring process including significant reductions in the number of staff employed.

The review was to assess the following specific elements: 

3.1 Organisational Structure and Governance

  • The organisation’s role and thematic focus
  • Organisational structure

  • Governance

3.2 Cost-efficiency and Financial Management

  • Money-Flow Analysis and Cost Efficiency

3.2.2 Management of the grant recipients and their sub-contracted partners

  • Legitimacy and Accountability
  • Risk and context sensitivity

  • Financial management

  • Auditing process

3.3 Results and engagement in the decent work and modern slavery agenda

  • A brief assessment of how Action Aid’s track record and engagement in the field of decent work and modern slavery. If possible, compare Action Aid’s engagement compared to other actors active in the field.