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Organizational review of Digni

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Digni is a diaconal umbrella organisation for Norwegian Christian faith-based organisations, churches and mission agencies that are engaged in long-term development cooperation and partnerships. The organisation currently has 191 Member Organisations (MO) who in turn implement more than 100 projects in cooperation with about 70 local partner organizations in 35 countries. The most recent grant agreement between Digni and Norad covers the period 2018 to 2023 and between 2018 and 2020 Digni received NOK 577,6 million in grants from Norad.
Digni has a grant agreement with Norad, and in turn assesses and approves sub-grants to MOs. The MOs sub-grant funds to local partner organizations (churches, CSOs and other organizations in their respective networks) and use the “Digni/Norad grant” to implement project and programs.
Digni’s grant agreement with Norad is guided by its Global Results Framework (GRF) where results are expected to be achieved in the following six thematic areas:
1. Civil Society
2. Good Health
3. Peaceful Coexistence
4. Environmental Sustainability
5. Education
6. Economic Empowerment
For each area, outcomes are defined with indicators, baselines and timeframes and all MOs are required to monitor and report on certain of the outcomes and, depending on their programs, on certain others.
In 2019 a comprehensive review of Digni’s financial management system was carried out by Norad resulting in a number of recommendations. Since then, Digni has developed and rolled out a new project management system (prosjektforvaltningssystem) and a new risk management system (Partner Assessment Tool).

The objective of the organisational review of Digni is to describe, analyse and assess its capacity and systems in the following four main areas:
• Organisational structure and governance
• Cost-efficiency and financial management
• Results management
• Partnership management and responsiveness
The focus is on the period 1 of May 2018 to 31 December 2021. Particular attention will be given to reviewing the following aspects and issues: financial management and control, results management and partnerships. Since Digni is carrying out its own thematic review of results related to strengthening civil society, this does not form part of this review. Digni will be submitting a new application for a grant in early October and Norad wishes to have this organizational review as input into the application process.
While the review will assess the capacities and systems of the organisation as a whole, a deeper assessment will be made of projects implemented by the following three MOs: Misjonsalliansen (Mission Alliance), Pinsemisjonen (the Pentecostal Mission) and Ungdom i Oppdrag (Youth with a Mission).

The focus of the assessment of the projects would be on aspects of results management, partnerships and to understand how Digni’s new project management system (saksbehandlingssystem) and risk management system are functioning (see the review matrix for details).
In addition to the questions in the ToR, Norad wishes the evaluators to assess implementation of some of the 27 recommendations from the 2019 review of Digni’s financial management system; an assessment of 10 of the 27 recommendations will be done.