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Philippines Camiguin Coastal Resource Management Project Phase, 2


Environment and Climate Change, Water Sector Services, Natural Resource Management

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The goal of the Camiguin Coastal Resource Management Project (CCRMP) was to institutionalise a sustainable integrated coastal resource management system in Camiguin province at the village, municipal and provincial levels. It covered 42 coastal villages. 

The Project was divided into two phases over a five-year period. Phase 1 was completed in March 2011. A Transitional Phase was set in place to bridge the gap between the completion of the first phase and the start of the next. Phase 2  of CCRMP continued the institutionalization of the integrated coastal resource management system and strengthening the capacity of coastal communities, local government (village, municipal and provincial levels) and other institutions to protect and manage their municipal waters and coastal and marine resources while developing the entrepreneurial capacity of businesses, local government and local communities in establishing and maintaining sustainable conservation-based economic enterprises.