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Preparation of an Institutional Development Plan for The CDS-RN in Chimoio, Mozambique


Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management, Environment and Climate Change, Agriculture, Forestry, Local Government and Decentralisation, Natural Resource Management, Good Governance and Public Administration

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According to the statutes, the primary task of the CDS-RN is to function as a service provider for information, technologies and guidelines on sustainable environmental management in Mozambique to the government, the general public, private sector and other stakeholders. The CDS-RN should further analyse the state of the environment, related legislation, practises, processes and programs and carry out studies. Many other public and private institutions work on environmental issues in Mozambique. The control over and allocation of most natural resources in fact lies with the Ministry of Agriculture (Land, Forests) and the Ministry of Tourism (Forests and Wildlife in Parks and Reserves), as well as the Minstry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

In order to have an meaningful input into the national debate on sustainable use of these natural resources, as well as continue its operation in the future, the CDS-RN needs to be nationally recognised as an istitution which can provide quality services. The instituitional development plan will focus on how the CDS-RN can achieve this.

Issues to be studied:

1. Comparison of management, mode of operation and financial income/fund raising situation of CDS-RN, CDS-ZC and CDS-ZU

2. The potentials of the CDS-RN as a qualified service provider, looking at:

  • Need and demand for environmental and rural development services, inlcuding training, on regional level
  • The type of services the CDS-RN is and could provide in the future (alone and/or with collaboration of other related institutions, eg. The Chimoio agriculture school, other national CDS’, etc.)
  • The potential client groups and marketing strategies
  • Available and necessary skills and capacities for various types of service provision and operational modalities
  • The CDS-RN as a training institution

3. Develop scenarios for financial sustainability and analyse the need for autonomy by looking at

  • The overall costing plan for the CDS-RN 2005-2010 (already exists)
  • Possibilities for donor support and fund raising
  • Income from service provision including training and hiring out facilities
  • The vision of MICOA for the future of all CDSs