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Programme assessment and planning phase regarding the implementation of Gender Action Plan of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Gender Equality, Public Administration Reform, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The Bosnia & Herzegovina state level Gender Equality Agency (GEA) developed an Implementation Plan for the Gender Action Plan (IPGAP) activities that was submitted to Sida, DFID and Norad in early 2007. In order to thoroughly assess the feasibility of such a program Sida, on behalf of the mentioned donors, contracted SIPU International AB to make an independent assessment of the preconditions for how a relevant, effective, efficient, feasible and sustainable program could be developed. To this effect SIPU undertook a four week mission in June-July 2007 to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to consult with and seek clarifications from the concerned organizations and stakeholders (NGOs, donor agencies and Government organizations).

SIPU submitted the final report to Sida in August 2007. SIPU concluded that there had been significant progress in establishing gender mechanisms both at state, entity and municipal levels. Based on the opinions expressed by local stakeholders SIPU recommended a program planning process (PPP) for the implementation of the GAP, with the participation of a broad ion of stakeholders. In a subsequent contract SIPU was assigned to support such a process. The immediate objective of the PPP was the development of an agreed, comprehensive program proposal, including identified and developed projects, to support the implementation of the Gender Action Plan for Bosnia and Herzegovina, IPGAP.