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Proposed South Tarawa Sanitation Project (P176478), Project Management Unit


Urban Development, Water Sector Services, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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The proposed South Tarawa Sanitation Project will focus on increasing access to sanitation services and strengthening sector capacity to construct, monitor and maintain appropriate sanitation solutions. The proposed Project Development Objective (PDO) is to increase access to sanitation services in selected areas of South Tarawa and to improve efficiency in sanitation service delivery. It will take place in the same location and concomitantly with South Tarawa Water Supply Project which will allow synergies of activities. It will also help confirm low-cost, low carbon and climate proof sewerage and sanitation models and toilet flushing options for further replication across the capital. The proposed project will seek to cooperate and coordinate with other government and development partners, aiming towards jointly providing comprehensive and aligned support to the sector. Additionally, as Kiribati is extremely vulnerable to climate change and exposed to extreme rainfall events, droughts, storm surge and sea level rise, this project is designed to help protect from increased water scarcity the fragile groundwater populations rely on for non-potable water use, to reduce the impacts of floods on
sanitary conditions and to reduce GHG emissions through improved fecal sludge management.

To achieve the project Development Objective (PDO), the proposed project will have four components as initially identified at the concept stage.

  • Component 1: Increase access to sanitation services
  • Component 2: Sector capacity building and performance improvement
  • Component 3: Sanitation and Hygiene Awareness and Education
  • Component 4: Project management and institutional strengthening

MISE will manage the project through a Project Management Unit (PMU) – under this consultancy.