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The Public Procurement project in Ukraine was launched in 1997 as a joint project of Sida and the World Bank. The main goal for the joint project was to support Ukraine in the development of a public procurement system, which would meet the international standards, applied in the European Union as well as in the WTO.

SIPU International supported the Department for Public Procurement with:

  • support to legislation on Public Procurement
  • training of Procurement staff
  • organisational development for public procurement
  • upgrading of skills in public procurement
  • development of procurement guidelines
  • development of a procurement control and audit system
  • development of a Public Procurement journal.

In the fourth and final phase the project focused at strengthening the regional public procurement capacity through:

  • supporting the Department to assess institutional weaknesses in the current procurement system in the Kherson region and to initiate ways to improve it.
  • supporting the Department to plan and implement reforms of the public procurement system in Kherson at the regional, city and local levels.
  • supporting the Department to train 50 persons in Kherson in the following areas:
    • different procurement procedures, including one supplier procedure
    • composition of tender documents
    • rules and processing of tenders
    • processing of complaints
    • price quotation
    • international practice in tenders.