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Quality Assurance 2007


Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management, Local Government and Decentralisation, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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The assignment aimed at controlling the quality of the Chia Se Poverty Alleviation Programme initiated in 2003 by 1) carrying out an analysis of the performance and relevance of the technical assistance, and; 2) give recommendations for future implementation of the Chia Se programme.

The programme is a Vietnamese development programme supported by Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and consists of three provincial and one national project. The three provincial projects are located in Ha Giang, Yen Bai and Quang Tri provinces, each with two districts participating. They programme to alleviate poverty, mainly through provision of local development funds managed in a decentralised manner also aiming at long-term sustainable empowerment, especially at the village level. The national project coordinates and supports the three provincial projects and also contributes to the national policy development on the basis of experiences made from the implementation of field activities in the Programme. Quality Assurance is part of the collection of these experiences.

Technical assistance to the Programme is provided by ORGUT and constitutes a part of the support from Sweden. This assignment was the third quality assurance mission of the Consultant and forms a part of its ISO certified quality assurance system.