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Quality Assurance of Technical Assistance to Kenya Water and Sanitation Programme


Monitoring and Evaluation, Local Government and Decentralisation, Water Sector Services, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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The 5-year Kenya Water Sector Programme (KWSP) was launched in June 2005 in support of sector reform. The Kenya water sector is under radical reform that is driven by its national policy on water resources management and development and its strategies on water resources management and water services. The most important new institutions in the Water Sector are the Water Services Regulatory Board (WSRB), Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA), Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF), Water Appeal Board (WAB) and the Water Service Boards (WSBs). Under the KWSP programme, all these institutions receive long- and short term technical assistance.

The main objective of this assignment was to assess the delivery, performance and capacity building results of the long- and short term TA provided. The annual KWSP Capacity Building Performance and Quality Control Assessment was carried out as a joint exercise between MWI and the Consultant and form an integrated part of MWI´s management information system, assisting MWI management in analysing the needs for technical assistance.

The team of experts reviewed progress in capacity building, identified challenges and bottlenecks and made recommendations for improvement. It reviewed specifically the implementation/adaptation of recommendations made during the previous Quality Assurance mission (March 2008) and assessed the preliminary TA needs and demand by the various WSI and provided pointers to be taken into account during the preparation of the KWSPII project document. The team was asked to provide initial or indicative lessons learnt from the current TA provision arrangements that would be useful to the water sector of Kenya in future.