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Quality Assurance of Technical Assistance to the Kenya Water and Sanitation Programme Phase II


Water Sector Services, Natural Resource Management

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Objectives of this assignment carried out within the Kenya Water and Sanitation Programme were:
1. To assess the relevance, performance and capacity building results of the technical assistance provided to KWSP in relation to the specific objectives for technical assistance as described in the programme documentation,
2. Review progress in capacity building and identify challenges and bottlenecks and make recommendations for improvement,
3. Review specifically the implementation/adaptation of recommendations made during the previous Quality Assurance mission

Specific tasks were grouped under the headlines:
• Management of Technical Assistance (TA)
• Future Use of TA
• Progress in Capacity development/Skills Transfer
• Quality Assurance system review

Implementation of the assignment consisted of:
Preparatory document review, structured and semi structured interviews and report writing. Analysis of response to previous QA missions enjoyed particular attention. Staff Assessment Questionnaire formats used in earlier QA missions were modified and applied. The field phase included interviews with all long-term advisors, their programme counterpart staff and leadership of reforming institutions at Central and provincial level. Additional interviews with key short-term advisors were carried out. At central level, PCU, CEOs and staff at WSTF, WRMA, WSRB as well as Directors of Water and Water Resources were interviewed. Complementary interviews with the donor and representatives of other programmes were done.
The QA team was joined by 2 senior staff members seconded by MWI.
Preliminary findings and recommendations were presented to the programme leadership at MWI in the presence of a donor representative. A final report was sent to the PCU for further circulation.