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Resultat och indikatorer inom lantbruksområdet


Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management, Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resource Management

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Sida produced in 2013 a large number of data for performance strategies. Such information included a state proposal on performance areas, performance in each outcome area, as well as indicators of trends in each result. In order to support the embassy officials and Sida in Stockholm to give suggestions on the results and indicators Sida produced a number of examples of how these could be formulated within the field agriculture. These examples of results and indicators aimed to be used as internationally or/and used in Sida partner countries at a national level. The examples or standard indicators were developed together with ORGUT and was adjusted to the context prevailing in the country where the income approach should be used. Indicators was developed to be quantitative in nature and divided into the following categories a) Effects on the target group, b) Basis (e.g.; Institutional development, knowledge development, policy) c) Political will.