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Review Mission for SRBC Energy Support Package (State and Resilience Building Contract)

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Public Financial Management, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The overall objectives (Impact) of this SRBC is:

  • To mitigate the immediate socio-economic impact of the rising energy prices and boost sustainable economy based on climate resilient low-carbon principles

The specific objectives (Outcomes) of this SRBC is to mitigate the energy crisis are to:

  1. To improve access of vulnerable households to immediate energy poverty mitigation measures
  2. To encourage for more efficient and rational use of energy resources in residential sector
  3. To improve access to reliable, energy and resources efficient affordable commercial facilities (focused on Micro Small and Medium Enterprises).

This project will review those SRBC, and the objectives are as follow:

  • The overall objective is to provide a detailed review of the implementation of the Energy Support Package SRBC and to enable the EU to use the outcomes of the review for decision on instalment of the final tranche of the programme.
  • The specific objective is to conduct a Review mission in February – March 2024 to verify the compliance with conditions attached to the release of the tranche indicatively scheduled for Q1 in 2024.