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Review of Kvinna till Kvinna’s Georgia Programme


Gender Equality, Environment and Climate Change

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The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation has received support from Sida for activities in the region since 2002. The project in Georgia supported by Sida (2010-2012, 22 MSEK) had the overall development objective to contribute to the strengthening of women’s position and the respect of women’s rights in a society that has been affected by several conflicts. The programme objective was that women are strengthened and play a more active part in development of a democratic and equal society on all levels and contribute to conflict resilience in Georgia (including Abkhazia and South Ossetia).

The programme consisted of two parts: 1) financial support to partner organizations and 2) capacity building initiatives planned and arranged by Kvinna till Kvinna. The organisations supported work within one or several of the following areas :
• Gender based violence
• Sexual and reproductive health and rights
• Women’s rights
• Women’s organisations networking
• Women’s participation in peace negotiations
• Women’s political representation

As the programme ended in 2012 Sida identified a need for an external review.
ORGUT was contracted to review the results achieved in relation to the objectives and expected results as expressed in the original project document. Effectiveness and efficiency were reviewed and relevance of selected partner organisations and activities were assessed.