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Review of the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee – an assessment of their implementation of the recommendations from the organizational review done in 2018


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The Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC) is one of the Norwegian NGOs receiving substantial financial support from Norad. As part of Norads management of cooperation agreements, Norad periodically performs organisational reviews. The reviews serve as an important control and quality assurance function and shall enable Norad to take informed decisions on support and identify important dialogue and follow-up issues. NAC has signalled that they will apply for a new 4-year agreement starting from January 2023. An organisational review of NAC, looking into all aspects of the organisation, was done in 2018. This review therefore assesses how NAC has followed up the recommendations made in the 2018 report. In addition, this review assessed NAC's capacity to handle increased funding and up-scaling of programs. The review focused on the current program period, 2019 – 2022.