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Sector Portfolio Review and Analysis of the Programs and Projects in the Natural Resource sector


Monitoring and Evaluation, Water Sector Services, Forestry, Natural Resource Management, Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resource Management

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The implementation of the main programs in the natural resources sector in Mali has been hampered by the suspension of the state to state cooperation between March 2012 and April 2013 as a result of the military coup in 2012. The Embassy started to prepare for the resumption of the bilateral programs that were suspended and therefore decided to conduct a portfolio analysis of contributions in the natural resources sector in order to assess the composition of the portfolio and if an adjustment/reorientation is needed to better reflect potentially changed priorities. The analysis was also designed to support in taking informed decisions on the way forward and also a part of the process regarding the entry values (input values) for a new strategy proposition to be developed during 2013. This assignment was carried out to map, describe and analyse present and future trends, issues and actors in the field of natural resources, environment and climate change. In more detail; a) analyse the implementation of the cooperation strategy, more specifically to determine if the chosen projects and programs are relevant, given the overall goals, and if there is gaps, or unbalances, in the implementation given the goals and instructions set out in the strategy and the annual plan; b) propose measures to be taken to make the implementation more relevant and to close any found gaps between the instructions in the strategy and portfolio of projects and programs, if needed; c) propose choices in order to match staff resources with the scope of work.