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Sida FWA – Evaluation of Think Tank Development Initiative in Ukraine and Environmental Policy and Advocacy Initiative for Ukraine


Monitoring and Evaluation

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The assignment intends to evaluate two contributions of the same cooperation parter – International Renaissance Foundation (IRF):
– Think Tank Development Initiative (TTDI) (Planit ID 11195), end-review
– Environmental Policy and Advocacy Initiative (EPAIU) (Planit ID 12686), mid-term review

The purpose or intended use of the evaluation is to inform the International Rennaisance Foundation and the Embassy of Sweden on the need for possible adjustments for EPAIU for the next 1,5-2 years as well as consideration for the project exit strategy or next round of support. Additionally, the evaluation shall take stock of lessons learned,key impediments, major findings and accomplishments of the TTDI to take an informed decision on next steps pertaining to support of think tanks in Ukraine. These two assessments should be conducted against the background of full-scale invasion that affected the social fabrics, distorted the decision-making process, deteriorated economic, social, political and other areas of development in the country.
The main objective under the current assignment will be:
1) identify current impediments (bottlenecks) in implementing both programmes in line with the approved work plan, and propose, when/where necessary and feasible the most appropriate and relevant response/mitigation strategy;
2) assess the relevance of the both programmes and how it responds to the overall country context and reforms and suggest mid-, and long-term direction for the initiative.