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Solomon Islands Public Finance Management Advisor

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Public Financial Management, Training Programmes, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The purpose of the project was to establish and embed good Public Financial Management practices in the education sector. The scope included assistance to MEHRD to establish an Internal Audit Division, provision of advice and technical assistance to the Accounts Division, monitoring and advice to Heads of Division and education authorities, with the goal of achieving a satisfactory financial control environment and improve efficiency and quality of expenditure.

This assignment was intended as strong support for MEHRD initiatives to establish sound public financial management across the sector. In particular, it was meant to ensure that there was understanding of and adherence to SIG financial instructions in all levels of financial management through a sound audit process that supported the existing efforts of the Financial Controller and Chief Accountant to ensure effective procurement and expenditure processes, and improved financial accountability.

A significant component of the work involved support to the Provincial Education Authorities ahead of a planned devolution of certain MEHRD functions to the provinces as part of a wider sector reform process.