References | Africa, south of Sahara

SPP Implementation 1B

Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda

Justice/Rule of Law, Natural Resource Management, Public Administration Reform, Public Financial Management, Natural Resource Management, Good Governance and Public Administration, Training Programmes, Environment and Climate Change

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The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) has awarded a framework agreement to FCG Sweden/Crown Agents for the planning and implementation of a global capacity development programme to support increased deployment of sustainable public procurement (SPP) practices in Sida’s partner countries.

The framework is initially for a period of four years from April 2021 to April 2025 and is expected to cover the following countries, with sequential launch of each programme:

1.       Africa regional programme

a.       Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique

b.       Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda

2.       Latin America

a.       Guatemala, Bolivia and Colombia


3.       Eastern Europe

a.       Ukraine, Georgia and Moldavia

4.       Asia

a.       Cambodia and Bangladesh

The overall objective of the programme is for SPP to be used as a strategic tool for sustainable development and the achievement of Agenda 2030. The programme is expected to focus on providing hands-on support and mentorship to reform processes linked to SPP.

The design of the programme, including the reform processes supported and working methods used, is expected to differ between the countries and participating organisations engaged in the programme. For each regional programme, a three-month inception phase is used to assess needs and propose the strategic change processes, participating organisations, working methods and implementation arrangements for the subsequent regional programme. The inception period for programme 1A was carried out during 2021. 

The present call-off covers the implementation of the regional programme 1B, covering Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, based on the Capacity Development Programme Document elaborated during the previous call-off for the inception phase for 1B.