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Standardization in beekeeping

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The purpose of the Fostering Agricultural Markets Activity (FARMA) is to provide technical assistance in Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH) subsectors of agriculture markets through demand driven assistance aimed at improved competitiveness of BiH agricultural products. FARMA is to expand environmentally sustainable production, processing and sales of value-added agricultural products. The expected result of FARMA is economic growth and contribution to poverty reduction.

Most Producer Organization (POs) that are selling domestically, have adopted only the standards required by local laws, and they are not aware of many advantages that can be gained with implementation of standards and certification. In general, there is lack of awareness about the importance of certification and safer and more superior quality products. In the beekeeping sector, beekeepers and processors lack sufficient understanding in Beekeeping Practices, Good Hygiene Practices (GHP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and application of organic standards in apiculture. Standardization in beekeeping is particularly important as honey cannot currently be exported to the EU. Part of the reason is the lack of standardization in primary production and processing. POs need to be assisted to meet relevant standards and obtain certification to have sounder business practices and therefore achieve anticipated food safety and environmental benefits as well as access to EU markets.

The purpose of this assignment is to assist Producer Organizations (POs) in the apicultural sector understand and implement standards such as GHP, GMP and organic in production and processing, with an aim to achieve food safety and environmental benefits and achieve EU market access.