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Strategic Study on the Real Property Registration and Cadastre Joint Information System Further Development


Land Administration, Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management

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The aim of the study was to review the most urgent needs of the Joint Information system that provides the technical integration between the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) land register databases and the State Geodetic Administration (SGA) cadastral databases.

The aim was to review the situation, identify the most urgent functional requirements for the next stage developments and prepare detailed technical specifications. A key element is the difficulty of “synchronisation” of the data content within the two separately maintained existing systems and how to create a single “homogenised” record. The project focussed on identifying those technical activities / developments which would address this and provide additional benefit that could be justified from a cost/benefit approach.

The study considered a number of possible next stage developments which were reviewed and then prioritise according to the expected benefit to SGA/MOJ and customers. Following the presentation, it was agreed that certain groups of functions would be elaborated in more detail and detailed technical descriptions prepared suitable fro inclusion in tendering documents.

The functionality included:
• import and export of cadastral and land registry data
• thin client v thick client graphics functionality
• use of code lists for cadastral and registry functions
• implementation of law on administrative procedures
• scanning and referencing of received application
• advanced statistics and reporting
• centralized printing
• harmonization of registry and cadastral records
• external connectivity
• additional business functionality

Each of these requirements was elaborated in detail and technical specifications prepared suitable for use in bidding/contractual documents. In addition, the longer term strategy and resource requirements were commented on. The JIS is to replace the existing separate SGA and MoJ databases and provide a unified system across the whole territory of Croatia.