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Strengthening Good Financial Governance in Zambia: Leadership and Management Skills Training, Ministry of Finance


Gender Equality, Public Financial Management, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The objective of the project is to strengthen the leadership and management within the Ministry of Finance in order to strengthen good financial governance in the country. It is one of a number of interventions by GIZ in the larger programme 'Strengthening Good Financial Governance”. The project delivers skills training in the following topics:

– Team building, team development and team leadership,
– Time management and self management (setting priorities, delegating tasks, importance of time management, social skills)
– Moderation and facilitation skills,
– Results based management,
– Change and process management.

All components of the training will include gender aspects, and special support to a women's management group will be provided on request. The training is preceded by two levels of assessment a general needs assessment as viewed by the Ministry of Finance and sister organisations, and a specific needs assessment of the ed participants. The training is provided in four modules of four days each over a period of several months. The entire training programme is delivered three times, for 14-16 participants each time. There is an equal number of men and women.
The training is highly practical, with each participant expected to implement small 'projects' or assignments between periodic training modules. Mentor support is provided as required. The results of each module and training as a whole is evaluated upon its conclusion and six months later.