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Strengthening Personnel Management in the Public Service


Public Administration Reform, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The project provided support to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA, previously Government Committee on Organisationa and Personnel GCOP) ), and Personnel and Organisation Departments in Provinces and Ministries mainly on institutional development and capacity building through a large number of international and local consultants, training and development work.
The project consisted of several components:

  • Improvement of the civil service personnel management systems and procedures, covering all aspects (personnel policy and legal documents, master planning, right-sizing, staffing, salary, policy, inspection, gender).
  • Extensive training of management and experts at MOHA, provincial and ministerial personnel and organisation departments in organisation & methods, modern management and supervisory methods, and administrative study skills, using interactive and case-study based teaching methods. Organisation of study tours, workshops and seminars.
  • Support to the General Department of Training in MOHA and Provincial Training Departments, on organisation, management and contents of in-service training for the civil service, as well training in modern participatory and interavtive adult training methods. Action-research development of training management manual and handbook.
  • Technical assistance to the design and implementation of a nation-wide computerised personnel management system including procurement of hardware and software, training and maintenance. This system is operational in almost all provinces in the country.