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Structuring the planning of the 40th anniversary of Danish diplomatic relations to Vietnam



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The celebration of the anniversary should contain a strategic flow of activities and strategic communication, including a plan of cultural and other events. The consultant should take the process from an idea to support for the commercial sector and establishments of commercial partnerships. The consultant was to gather and systemize ideas from:

  • Embassy staff and enhance the staff sense of ownership of the celebrations
  • Prominent Danish and Vietnamese members of the cultural and business communities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
  • The cultural development & exchange fund
  • Partners on the development side, particularly in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility and gender issues

All ideas, slogans etc were to be suitable both for a Danish and Vietnamese audience and the work to be done in both languages.

ORGUT fielded a strategic communication expert to assist the Danish Embassy with the preparations and documentation for the celebration of 40 years of diplomatic relations.