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Study on the results of the Swedish support for the Energy sector in Tanzania


Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resource Management

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In 2023, Swedish development cooperation in Tanzania is celebrating 60 years. Over the years a prioritised sector for the Swedish – Tanzanian partnership has been the energy sector. Sweden has invested heavily in the energy sector in mainland Tanzania and on Zanzibar for close to six decades. These investments have included installation of power generating equipment and powerlines, feasibility studies, capacity building as well as institutional and policy development support. Sweden is recognised as one of the main development partners in energy in Tanzania. The Embassy of Sweden in Tanzania would now like to take stock of these investments over the last six decades have meant for general development in the country. In many cases Sweden has made these investments together with other development partners and Government stakeholders on mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, thus it will not be possible to separate the impact of the Swedish contribution. The objective of the study is further not to assess to what extent projects were executed as planned or to gather quantitative results from all projects. Instead, the objective is to harness a selection of results and gather qualitative smaller impact stories/case studies that exemplifies what development impact Sweden has been part of contributing to.