References | Africa, south of Sahara

Support for Community-Led Infrastructure Financing Facility (CLIFF), project proposal


Civil Society, Urban Development, Good Governance and Public Administration

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This project aimed to develop a project proposal for continued support to Community-Led Infrastructure Finance Facility (CLIFF). CLIFF was a facility, funded by donor funds channelled through Cities Alliance, a global network of cities and their development partners located at the World Bank, which administered a Trust Fund on behalf of the Cities Alliance. CLIFF had a clear objective of demonstrating the potential of organized communities of the urban poor seeking to participate in the design and development of the habitat for the urban poor in their country. CLIFF was a facility that had been designed to provide loan finance for slum development projects that were implemented by the urban poor, and which had the potential to influence policy and practice that in turn could lead to a scaling-up in the provision of suitable housing and related infrastructure for the urban poor.

This assignment also helped CLIFF to initiate a dialogue with local governments and public authorities about a range of services and, more specifically, with the banks and financial institutions to the possibility of lending money to the poor for habitat upgrading.