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Support in the Phase-out Process of Swedish support to Fundevi in Honduras


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Sweden has since 1999 provided financing for social housing interventions in Honduras. As Sweden has decided to end cooperation with Honduras an organised phasing out of Sida support for social housing through Fundación para el Desarollo de la Vivienda Social Urbana y Rural (Fundevi) is under implementation.

Sida and the German development bank KfW are donors to Fundevi and members in its Supervising Body. Also Germany will terminate its support to the foundation. The donors are now in an organised joint process of phasing out its support in a responsible manner which include;

  • Reformulation of the statues of the foundation
  • Reformulation of the internal rules for the Supervising body of the foundation
  • Appointment of new members to the Supervising Body of the foundation as both Sweden and Germany will leave eventually

The donors need support and technical assistance in this on-going process, especially considering the absence of Swedish presence in the country. Sida has had consulting services for this process during 2011 and has had a desire to continue to count on consulting services for the phase out of support to Fundevi.

ORGUT provided support to Sida in the process of terminating donor support to the foundation Fundevi in Honduras.