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Support to Sector wide approaches in the education and forestry sectors


Public Financial Management, Public Administration Reform, Land Administration, Market Development, Natural Resource Management, Agriculture, Forestry, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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SIPU was engaged to provide support to the Government Ministries and donor partners to set up a sector wide approach (SWAp) for the education and forestry sectors in Kosovo. This involved a strategic planning process, memorandum of understanding for co-operation between the partners, mapping of on-going donor support and resource flows in each sector, to draft pooled funding arrangements for joint support where donors use government systems with some risk mitigation, as well as to define a performance assessment framework with baseline data and targets against which sector progress can be monitored.

The aim was to create an accepted and comprehensive plan for each sector that foreign support can be aligned to, to get out of a fragmented approach without overview and with considerable overlap of external support, and to build a monitoring and planning system where up-coming challenges can be identified and solutions found.

Sida played a lead role for donor co-ordination in the two sectors, and the two ministries needed support for their planning and co-ordination. SIPUs role was to assist donors and the ministries in the process. The projects resulted in accepted strategic plans with targets and indicators, financial overview and maps of donor support, draft agreements for pooled funds and code of conduct for donor co-ordination, PAF frameworks and preparations for the annual reviews.